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For a film so devoted to cutting off fan speculation,

But their role was not really to police me or to guide me into anything. They a sounding board. If I had come to something that I thought was kind of out there, or the question was, “Can I do this in ?” I would put those doubts in front of them, and nine times out of 10 their response would be, “Wow, that is really different and weird. Go for it. Do that.” They were there to protect me from self-editing more than to edit me. Did anything from your past movies help you as you approached this one?

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It’s almost like you speak in a regional accent that you don’t really have control over. I think just because it’s you telling the story your own voice it ends up having certain unique characteristics. I think, like my own speaking voice, I’m probably uniquely unqualified to judge what’s unique about it.

Lauren that is an interesting theory but that would mean the King and Queen of Arendale would have to swim ALOT to get to Africa also you may have noticed but lots of Disney characters look alike. Other than that it is convincing. Those are just plot holes that I have found and could be Rapunzel’s wedding because in frozen Anna asked for Elsa’s blessing of marriage so Anna is old enough to marry and so whether Rapunzel was Anna or Elsa’s age she is old enough to marry

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