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Absolutely. Attorneys and Accountants are the business tag team that

The Board of Directors is the governing body for a company. All major will need to be ratified by the Board. You will need the Board&amp#39s approval to sell your company. You will need the Board&amp#39s approval to hire or fire a CEO. You will need the Board&amp#39s approval to do a major acquisition. You will need the Board&amp#39s approval to do a major financing, including an IPO. On all matters of major strategic importance, the Board will need to be engaged, involved, and supportive.

S an Edward Jones financial advisor, I believe it’s important to invest my time understand what you’re working toward before you invest your money. It’s also important to understand the level of risk you’re comfortable accepting when investing, so we can balance it with the steps necessary to reach your long-term goals.

This is the first of a series of posts on the topic of . I want to dig the role and responsibilities of the Board as a way to kickoff this series. But first a few disclaimers. I am not a lawyer and I am not giving out legal advice on this topic. I am a practicioner and am telling you the way I see it and what I&amp#39ve learned over the years. I think both are important perspectives. You will have to look elsewhere for the legal view on this topic.Next week I will talk about how a Board is selected, elected,

John E. Richardson, DMin, MBATo eradicate bullying, employers should:

These guys are great. They educate a wealth of knowledge in tax, legal and business strategy. If you have or want to start a business, this podcast will supply you with ample knowledge to act with confidence.

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