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Aida Atwater

love Yorkies, writing, singing, computers, self improvement, learning. I get passionate and vocal about how I feel and wrongs I see sometimes!
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Florida incarcerates almost 100,000 inmates at an

This rampant abuse within prisons has generated across the country in the past decade, most recently in Florida. A year-long the Miami Herald found violence to be a routine and sanctioned part of the state’s prisons. Among the revelations were guards who had killed one prisoner by leaving him in a scalding shower for two hours another one was gassed to death in his cell while begging for medical assistance, a third was killed after she reported threatening behavior from the guards. Last , 428 people di

Programs like Exchange for Change (E4C), a nonprofit prison writing program, simultaneously address two of our current system’s most glaring problems: the almost total lack of advanced literacy and arts in correctional institutions, and widely shared public misunderstanding about who incarcerated people really are. Like many prison arts programs, E4C aims to bridge the gap between our current prison system, which degrades and stigmatizes, with one that respects, rehabilitates, and nurtures the basic human

Growing awareness of America’s failed experiment with mass incarceration has prompted changes at the state and federal level that aim to reduce the scale of imprisonment. Lawmakers and practitioners are proposing “smart on crime” approaches to public safety that favor alternatives to incarceration and reduce odds of recidivism. As a result strategic reforms across the criminal justice spectrum, combined with steadily declining crime rates since the mid-1990s, prison populations have begun to stabilize

Beth Gammie, an attorney who represents a man whose wife is serving a life sentence, cited data from the Florida Justice Institute that found an increase in contraband but concluded visitors were responsible for just 2.5 percent of banned items introduced to prisons. That estimate was supported by Rep. Dave Richardson, D-Miami, and the Southern Poverty Law Center.Jewie Tryon was the first to in a three-hour parad to question FDC&aposs intent and Comerford&aposs protestations of the public&aposs mistrust of the agency.

Correctional officials see danger in prison overcrowding. Others see opportunity. The nearly two million Americans behind bars—the majority of them nonviolent offenders—mean jobs for depressed regions and windfalls for profiteers

The spirit of every age is manifest in public works, in the great construction projects that leave an enduring mark on the landscape. During the early years of this century the Panama Canal became President Theodore Roosevelt&aposs legacy, a physical expression of his imperial yearnings. The New Deal faith in government activism left behind huge dams and bridges, post offices decorated with murals, power lines that finally brought electricity to rural America. The interstate highway system fulfilled dreams of t


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