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The aim of OPTIMISTIC — an acronym for Optimizing Patient

The aim of this study was therefore to comparatively test the NLR and PLR for their prognostic power in a series of unselected referrals to a phase I clinic. Additionally, we aimed to assess whether changes in these scores calculated at the pre-defined time of tumour reassessment can predict a significant survival advantage in patients treated in the context of phase I oncology trials.Is the Subject Area applicable to this article?

CHI/Alegent Creighton Health has implemented an intervention in 14 nursing facilities in Nebraska. CHI/Alegent Creighton Health has deployed nurse practitioners in the partnering nursing facilities to enhance care by implementing INTERACT tools, improving communication, and education of nursing facility staff. An innovative aspect of this program is the use of a dentist and dental hygienist to improve oral care for beneficiaries. This type of care is typically not provided in the nursing facility environmen

Many websites, including several of the ones in this book, begin asking for data, such as email addresses, right on the homepage. Most do not explain why users should give up their privacy. In general, many web users, even experienced ones, are justifiably wary about giving away their personal information because they know now that fulfilling these requests often results in unsolicited commercial email and clogged inboxes.

Contributed equally to this work with: David J. Pinato, Chara Stavraka Is the Subject Area applicable to this article?

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