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Lots of good stuff in the article. Lots of good stuff in the comments as well:Personally, I’m far more concerned with the damage to our electoral processes that could result from software hacking that could change thousands of votes with a few lines of code, than via individual taking the risk of committing a felony to cast an extra ballot, or some illegal risking deportation to show up and try to vote.

Due to their own emotional hang ups, and have had difficulty understanding one another. Having first met in the in , Musa quickly developed a crush on him, initially drawn to the air of mystery she believed he held behind his tough exterior. Unfortunately, Musa&aposs feelings were left unrequited as Riven seemed to want nothing to do with her and seemed to enjoy teasing her. To make matters worse for Musa, a spell on Riven in , causing the two date for most of the season also prompting Musa to set aside he

Commended for what? for fucking a damsel outside wedlock and full her belly with a baby and yet denied the baby for over 40 years . only when technology came to the rescue. you cant eat your cake and have it. The man is claiming man of God but he is a crooked of the highest order.Edith herself relocated to then West Germany on 30th June, 1967 after Gowon overruled her plans to to either the US of UK.

Meanwhile, Chief Justice Francis Korkpor has placed final ruling into the case to next Thursday, December 7, 2017, adding that the Court has seven days to hear and rule on election cases. However, it is totally possible that the Court may also decide to hand down its opinion before next Thursday as it sees fit.Responding in connection the admittance of challenges at NEC by its lawyers, Associate Justice Jamesetta Howard-Wolokolie termed the investigation following the issuance of prohibition as formal.

I was living like a hermit, working my butt off at a thankless and miserable low paying job after being unemployed, and I saw people living on the government dime, as though they made more money than me. Subsidized housing, food stamps, WIC, Medicaid, free phones. Many people who appeared were on social security disability. A few were actually on welfare. Musa al-Gharbi also contends that “while most blacks may doubt Hillary Clinton will dramatically improve their lives, they feel certain that the likes o

They didn’t say they were going from Democrat to Republican, they’re going from Democrat to Trump. I think that’s part of the phenomenon.”“I cannot understand how one might function lacking proper ID.”

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