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Ten states have applied for a federal waiver to

Your employment can be certified by an official who has access to your employment or service records and is authorized by your employer to certify your employment or your service as an AmeriCorps or Peace Corps volunteer. This will often be someone in the human resources department, though in some cases your direct supervisor or another individual may be authorized to certify your employment. Check with your organization to see who is allowed to certify your Employment Certification form.If you have more qu

“This is the first ten-year demonstration extension in the history of CMS, and allows Mississippi to administer its Medicaid program without the inconvenience of obtaining routine approvals from CMS,” said administrator Seema Verma. “This action shows our continuing commitment to giving states the flexibility they deserve to meet the unique needs of their people.”Fred Anklam Jr., Mississippi Today

The federal government and states generally share the cost of Medicaid and could save money if enrollment goes down because of work requirements. White House officials say Medicaid spending is growing at an unsustainable rate, and last year President Trump supported bills that would have cut hundreds of billions of dollars from projected Medicaid spending over 10 for Medicaid beneficiaries said that work requirements would harm some people who are unemployed, making it more difficult for them to obtain the

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