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Reinhard will we sworn in Sept. 1. His

When the world is in turmoil, this Museum fights back using its most powerful tool: education. It is urgent that we teach people about the consequences of hate antisemitism.Copyright © United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington, DC

June 12, 2010 · Obedience is the vehicle which carries believers into the miracle zone Feeding the Five Thousand: Just think what that means for us! The disciples dared to do something that looked ridiculously impossible. They could have stood beside Jesus and done nothing, or prayed for him to Heaven is and remains open!

On this day, British negotiator Terry Waite disappears while attempting to win freedom for Western hostages held in Lebanon. Waite, special envoy of the archbishop of Canterbury, secured the release of missionaries detained in Iran after the Islamic revolution. He also extracted British hostages from Libya and even succeeded in...On this day in 1777, Brigadier General Philemon Dickinson leads 400 raw men from the New Jersey militia and 50 Pennsylvania riflemen under Captain Robert Durkee in an attack agains

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