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Customise your portfolio by adding your own logo and watermarks to your work. Further your site by adding your own fonts, colour palettes and brand images. There’s also security features such as password protection to keep your information safe.Along with the responsive, sleek templates, the set of free Typekit fonts and a curated set of Google fonts means that there is a huge choice of fonts..

Your client can choose to download all the photos in gallery at once. Or, they can choose to download individual categories within the gallery.Set Your Own Price / Products

Amazon’s means that you now can stash all of your digital stuff in your own private Amazon cloud locker for $60 per year. That’s compared to the $100 per year that individual Dropbox users pay for a plan capped at 1TB (there’s also a $15 per month unlimited plan for business accounts), $120 per year for 1TB on Google Drive, and $240 for the same amount on iCloud. Throw in Amazon’s three-month free trial offer—and that truly unlimited plans aren’t even an option for individual users on most riva

Towards cheaper cloud storage has just turned into a sprint. Rather than being merely competitive with leaders like Google Drive, Dropbox, and iCloud, Amazon decided to undercut their pricing by more than half. In some cases, much, much more.

You don’t have to deal with packaging and shipping to be a successful merchant. Ecwid facilitates the direct delivery of digital downloads to your customers via your own online store. Adding an Ecwid shopping cart to your website takes just a few minutes, and it works flawlessly on computers and mobile devices of any kind.

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