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Title VII protects only employees of covered

Front pay is designed to restore victims to their “rightful It compensates the victim for anticipated future losses due to discrimination.

Second, assuming that the employee establishes a disparate impact, the focus turns to the company, which must demonstrate that the “challenged practice is job related for the position in question and consistent with business necessity.” In this context, “business necessity” means that the challenged employment practice has a “manifest relationship to the employment in question” and that the employer had a significant or compelling need to maintain the practice despite its

The legal theory of evolved out of legal interpretations of the discrimination prohibitions in Title VII. The law itself doesn’t mention the term harassment at all but the U.S. Supreme Court has interpreted that a hostile work environment will violate the prohibitions of Title VII. When harassment is so pervasive and severe that it actually alters an employee’s terms or conditions of employment and creates an abusive working environment, a violation of the law has Benefits is th

I think this is sickening, the current US administration is actively trying to prevent what should be an unalienable right to a group of it’s citizens. Our country is supposed to be better than that. Every day I become more and more ashamed.In March, an appeals panel in Georgia rejected a gay security officer’s sex-discrimination claim, saying the argument should be pressed before Congress, not the courts.

In some states, you can your claim with a state agency which will then cross file your complaint with the EEOC.  Generally speaking, your claim must be filed within 300 days of the unlawful treatment.  In some states, however, you may be required to file your claim within as little as 180 days.

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