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It&aposs a dizzying amount of money to drop on some gear, so it&aposs worth checking to see if some camera shops offer rentals for these pro-level pieces of equipment so you can give it a test run to know if its works for you. Hey, worst comes to worst, you can always wait a couple of years for the same to trickle down to something a little more affordable.Notably, the Insta360 has its own battery, so it won&apost drain your phone, and it&aposs really the best option if you won&apost want to lug around an entirely separate cam

For this round of New Frontiers, NASA will spend up to $850 million for the spacecraft, instruments and mission operations. Add in the cost of the rocket to get the spacecraft off the ground, and the total price tag will be about $1 billion.Would you like NASA to fly a drone across Saturn’s largest moon, or to send a probe to collect samples from a duck-shaped comet?

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