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Do you have a flat roof you can put them on?

In the United States, optimal energy performance for solar panels on a flat roof can be achieved any of the 3 flat roof solar panel options. Regardless of type of system, flat roof solar panels are possible because:

Local code is written to include minimum guidelines to handle any intended loads the roof is meant to hold. That accounts for its materials, membrane, insulation and decking, as well as snow and rainfall, and even for equipment like an air conditioner.Even if most of your home is covered by a pitched roof, there may still be some flat sections to account for (my garage has a green flat roof jutting out from the structure to create some shade).

Whether a building is a church, warehouse, restaurant or office space, different buildings have different roofing needs. High heat, moisture, living space and future needs of the building help determine the roof recommendation and costs. Pool rooms and hot yoga studios have high heat and lots of moisture that can cause a lot of roofing issues, if the roof isn’t designed correctly.

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