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Consistent with past AACU surveys, this one found that employers

But in the search for a post-graduate career, the choice of major is important but perhaps not critically important. While the NACE study referenced above indicates that the choice of a major is a significant factor for employers, a second study by the AAC&ampU, published in 2014, suggests that the choice of a major is not to success in the job market. In fact, this study indicates that about 40% of all baccalaureate degree holders are working in a profession that is unrelated to their major. In addition, in

The primary goal of the was to provide participating institutions of higher education with information to inform policies to prevent and respond to sexual assault and misconduct. The survey was designed to assess the incidence, prevalence and characteristics of incidents of sexual assault and misconduct. It also assessed the overall climate of the campus with respect to perceptions of risk, knowledge of resources available to victims and perceived reactions to an incident of sexual assault or misconduct. F

That part of a liberal education curriculum that is shared by all students. It provides broad exposure to multiple disciplines and forms the basis for developing essential intellectual, and practical capacities. General education can take many forms, and increasingly includes introductory, advanced, and integrative forms of learning.He offers a number of questions for boards to ask, such as:

But I feel compelled to keep writing these words because, in the face of all evidence, the myth of the unemployed humanities major persists. It may be more prevalent than ever: Florida Senator Marco Rubio has made about the a trademark of his campaign speeches for the Republican presidential nomination.

During their school years, that means taking advantage of internships, alumni networking and career services to get real world experience. In the past, internships were all that was needed, but even that can’t guarantee the proper skills or training anymore.

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