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In order to make a request to add a copy of

In the box, type your manager&aposs name. To select the name from a list in the Address Book, click . If you don’t see the button and box, click &ampgt .If you have added the manager’s mailbox to your profile, the manager&aposs folder appears in the delegate&aposs Folder Pane under.

From the forked repository in Bitbucket, click  in the global sidebar, then click  under . Bitbucket displays the clone dialog. By default, the clone dialog sets the protocol to unless you have already set up SSH for Git.Open Sourcetree and notice that your repository has .

In the Header, we also include the following code to hide the widget by default. It only displays when someone clicks the link.

Now, we have a object called . We can get all the information we need from this object.

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