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The Council believes that educational policies governing minimal competency testing

Nonpublic schools may be, and public elementary, intermediate, middle, junior high, and high schools shall be, registered by the Board of Regents pursuant to this upon recommendation by the commissioner, provided that charter schools shall not be subject to registration pursuant to this subdivision, but shall be held accountable for meeting or exceeding the student performance standards and student assessment requirements applicable to other public schools in accordance with the provisions of article 56 of

The Code of Ethics also applies to those who have been granted a Limited Authority to Teach (LAT). Section 387(6) and 387(7) of the Education Act 1989 requires that the Code of Ethics is binding on all certificated teachers and authorised persons as the interim Code of Conduct. To be lawfully employed in schools, kura, kindergartens and in most positions in early childhood education settings, teachers are required to be registered to hold a practising certificate.

Except as otherwise provided for State test or examination requirements pursuant to subdivision (f) of this section, the commissioner may grant variances from the provisions of this Part upon a finding that a variance will enable a school to implement a program designed to provide excellence in education. A school or school district shall submit an application for a variance in the form prescribed by the commissioner at least six months in advance of the proposed starting date of the program. Such applicati

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