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After the autumnal melancholia of 2016’s Dusk, the

All in all it’s been a glorious trip. The have been fantastic – interested, eager, cooperative, fun, and all-around great to be around. The camaraderie built among the group has been great to watch. As always Intersession has proven to be not only an opportunity for students to experience a new setting, but also to make connections with students with whom they may not have previously been friendly. I’m sure everyone will be just a little bit sad leaving this warm and wonderful tropical par

He remained extremely prolific even as he approached his 90th year. During the 1960s, worked in his atelier. In 1974 Chirico was elected to the . He died in Rome on 20 November 1978.In 1982, wrote that de Chirico

The Geocaching Intersession got off to a great start today. Covering close to 3 miles on foot before lunch time, we split up into two groups- Team Diameter versus Team Circumference in honor of Pi Day. Team Diameter began morning with the lead, finding 3 geochaches in the L’Enfant Plaza area prior to lunchtime, while Team Circumference found two well-hidden caches. It was off to the National Museum of the American Indian for lunch before resuming to the Museum of Natural History to find some more camoufla

Ever since I decided to do away with the lawn in the back garden about twenty years ago, I’ve pretty much let whatever grows remain as is. Except of course for scourges like garlic mustard. At the time, this was almost unheard of. I myself had never seen such a thing in a small, suburban garden. There was no handy literature on the subject available and it was way before Google. But I was very eager to try making a meadow ( of sorts). So I applied a dash of common sense and dab of creativity.Enter you

At the outbreak of World War I, he returned to Italy. Upon his arrival in May 1915, he enlisted in the army, but he was considered unfit for work and assigned to the hospital at Ferrara. Here he met with and together they founded the movement. He continued to paint, and in 1918, he to Rome. Starting from 1918, his work was exhibited extensively in Europe.His brother, Andrea de Chirico, who became famous under the name , was also a writer and a painter.

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