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1. Twitter will cling to Ballard&aposs juicy declaration that with the , but the general manager exuded calm determination during his lengthy news conference, wishing McDaniels well and putting the coaching surprise in perspective after the passing of linebacker , who after being hit by suspected drunken driver.Here&aposs what else we learned from Ballard&aposs unpacking of Tuesday&aposs fallout:

Remember what their drink is without having to ask. Order it for them.Notice when their glass is empty, and always offer to fill it up or get them another.

Voice that with, “I can only imagine you’re thinking, ‘We tried this before and it didn’t work.’ You’re right, AND I’ve identified exactly where we went wrong last time and how we can prevent that from happening this time so it will be an ROI for all involved.”Here are three ways motivate decision-makers to give you a chance in the all-important first minute.

If your offers of advice and support are being rejected, you may feel like you’re powerless to do anything. But you can still be there for your friend you might just need to take a different approach to the way you’re supporting them. If you try to pressure or force a friend to get help, it may come from a good place, but it can actually have the opposite effect to what you intend and could turn your friend off seeking help altogether.

I once loved someone so much that even the mention of his name would have my heart pounding out of my chest, and I’d begin to tremble. But as much as I did love him, our sex life was just, oh, how do I put this nicely … horrendous. But in loving him so much, I was willing to overlook it for far longer than I should have.Check out Bustle&aposs &aposSave The Date&apos and other videos on Facebook and the Bustle app across Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV.

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