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You know, we could not be more outrageous or theatrical

Data firm Helios and Matheson Analytics agreed to pay $27 million for a 51% stake in MoviePass. The service, which had about 20,000 subscribers in December, aims to enlist at least 100,000 with its lower price — and new publicity.Teardown shows the crazy engineering inside the Galaxy S9&aposs…

“PREPARE to be titillated, stimulated and offended in equal measure these licentious Chicks with Shticks... What this lewd and lustful Beautyshop Quartet won’t do to pervert a fine song can’t be imagined... this a cappella drag troupe deals in outlandish satire… slick, topical, and subversive.”

I have spent the last 12 years as a theatre critic in New York City, which means I see five or six shows a week, minus holidays. What I’ve found most exciting about trying to write this, an overview of American theatrical writing, is how impossible the task is, even having seen those hundreds of plays. New York witnesses only a portion of the nation’s theatrical and in my reporting whenever I asked for someone’s favorite playwrights, I heard—again and again—names I’d never heard before. Any hone

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