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It can be easy to get stuck in

Jakubowski recommends trying to distract yourself by thinking of or listening to a different song. If that doesn’t work, try engaging with the song, as many people report that actually listening to an earworm song all the way through can help eliminate having it stuck on a loop.

But let my cautionary tale be a lesson to you – my choice of cylindrical vibrator was definitely not the best, and should be avoided at all costs. There’s nothing to hold to, and nothing to stop it from being swallowed into the vacuum.Instead, use an anal toy with a flared base so there is a barrier stopping it from going in completely.

And if all else fails... step away from the Rick Astley before he gets started. (And while you&aposre at it, do your best to avoid any .)We notice you&aposre visiting us from a region we have a local version of

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