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Juliano Ferreira

Happily married &amp lucky to be a father. Slowly becoming a tech industry vet, 15+ years and on-going. Interests: my family, innovative tech, democracy &amp sports.
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The objective of board recruitment is to find willing,

Board members should leave the meeting feeling that the Board has a clear structure, and that they got a lot done. If can leave the first meeting with a sense of accomplishment and purpose, the Board will be off to a great start.

Someone who has been rejected as a Board member may be able to help the organization in other ways. A Nominating Committee or other recruiter should always look for a place where such a person can fit in, and feel valuable the organization.are ongoing and oversee the regular operations of the organization.

Once the Board has been chosen, it has to meet and get organized. It doesn&apost yet have by-laws or officers, so someone--probably you--is going to have to do some organizing to get everyone in the same place at the same time.It may not matter if some members don&apost attend Board meetings on a regular basis, if they lend their names to the organization.

Boards will usually have a pretty good idea of the types of people and skills that they need at the present time. It’s important for them to match people and skills to those needs as closely as they can.


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