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There is a ticket office near the Tower

The Tower Theatre&aposs non-profit operation relies upon generous donations from individuals, and foundations.  Help us to keep the Performing Arts thriving in Fresno.

Combined, Marianne and Yvette have a tremendous history in show business performing with such luminaries as Wayne Newton, Debbie Reynolds, and Dolly Parton. That’s just to name a few! These two women have been connected in spirit and song for a lifetime, both began singing at age five! Come share in this family affair where you will experience love, laughter and great fun! These gals were born to sing! These talented ladies parody their own lifelong attempts to “make it big” in show business, and cele

General-admission tickets, which sell for 11 euros, do not include summit access. Top-floor-inclusive tickets cost 17 euros. Summit-access tickets occasionally sell out in which is when going with a tour operator may be your last ditch effort to secure summit tickets. Unfortunately, the time-saving skip-the-line access doesn&apost apply to either the second-floor elevators leading up to the summit or those used to descend the Tower.

You cannot buy tickets a day earlier. If you line up, you go up straight away.If you want tickets ahead of time, you buy online (assuming there are any left), you take a behind the scenes tour or you eat in the restaurant.

I think a lot of people also believe the ticket to the top takes you in a lift to the top... non-stop. Many don&amp#39t know that everybody has to queue again on the second level for the summit lift.. .no matter how you got there. So if you cannot get summit tickets try for second level tickets and buy the summit ones on that level.Links to all these are on the official ET website.

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