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If you suspect you have Chagas disease, consult your health care provider. Or, to find a physician familiar with diagnosis and treatment of Chagas disease and other parasitic infections, ask your general practitioner or primary care physician for a referral. You may wish to consider visiting a physician who specializes in infectious diseases. To locate a clinician in your area, please visit the American of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene’s .

And by exiting, you’re fulfilling yet one more campaign promise to the American people. Please know that I am thankful for your fortitude, your courage, and your steadfastness as you serve and lead our country.I will work to ensure that America remains the world’s leader on environmental issues, but under a framework that is fair and where the burdens and responsibilities are equally shared among the many nations all around the world.

It’s even possible, if Trump pursues an alternative path, to imagine the Democratic Party regrouping around limited-government liberalism in the opposition, as liberals grasp the appeal of limiting Trump’s government. Medicare for All is a simple and attractive idea that could ignite a movement—Americans Medicare—while attacking corporate welfare, slicing Pentagon fat and refusing to fund programs without evidence of success could also mesh with the goals of the left.But the first challenge for any

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