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Greece's leftist government surprised its European partners

If voters back a bailout plan the government has scorned, Mr Tsipras and finance minister made clear they would quit. That would lead to a scramble to either try to put together a national unity government to negotiate a loan deal or call new elections by September. Greece’s European partners have made clear they regard the vote as a choice of whether Greeks want to stay in the euro.

I truly can’t express just how we felt upon seeing the word, “Syriza” on the walls in Taksim Square during the uprising in Istanbul. We very much rely on the help and support of the Left, progressive parties, social movements — of all those who are involved. If we in fact elected, our government will have the task of putting new policies on the European agenda. To this end, public support from across the European Union, putting pressure on governments, strengthening movements that call for p

We’re under no illusions about the challenges we’ll be facing when we first come to power — a historical first for us, as well as for postwar Europe. We’re determined to see this through, with the support of the people, building consensus but not shying away from when they arise. As Franklin D. Roosevelt said, “the only thing we have to fear is . . . fear itself.”

The current bailout programme expires on June 30 and a payment to the tune of $1.8bn is also due to the IMF on that same day. Without a dime in its coffers, the Greek government knew that without an agreement, a default was inevitable and was fully aware of the fact that the dark clouds of a Grexit were spreading over Greece.

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