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In 2003, an old Tibetan was rediscovered in Nepal.

A sharp increase in prices for tulip bulbs in early 17th century Holland not only gave rise to the first economic bubble in history, but also to a series of beautiful watercolours, illustrations to catalogues identifying types of flowers for purchase.Tulips began to be regularly cultivated in Holland from about 1600. The popularity of this flower coincided with the recent independence of the Netherlands and the rising wealth of its middle class, and tulips soon took on the character of a status symbol. From

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Initially local herders observed that yak, goat, sheep, etc. consuming during their grazing in the forest became very strong and stout. This observation paved the way for the discovery of its medicinal value. Thereafter, local people and herders used the fungus powder with jaggery to increase milk production, and improve reproductive capacity and vitality of their cattle. Then its relevant medicinal properties were explored, collecting only the aerial part (fruiting body/stroma), which they dried in sunlig

Mountaineers and scientists battle the snowy precipices of Antarctica&aposs highest peak, the Vinson Massif. The film, shot in high-definition, is told through the voice of Jon Krakauer, mountaineer and bestselling author of His high-risk expedition to scale the icy peak is interwoven with the epic story of Scott and Amundsen&aposs race to reach the South Pole in 1912. Krakauer examines why one team failed and the other succeeded, even as he battles with the challenge of conquering the unpredictable slopes of the

is one of 38 Hawaiian plant species now assessed as . It was only known from four individuals when it was first seen in 1991. It was last recorded the wild in 1999 and the last remaining individual was observed to have died by August 2011. Its extinction was due to a variety of threats but especially the impacts of non-native plants and animals and probably human vandalism of the last remaining plant. Although cuttings and seeds were collected, propagation was not successful and so there are no specimens in

Radich, Michael. 2007. “The Somatics of Liberation: Ideas about Embodiment in from Its Origins to the Fifth Century C.E.” PhD Dissertation. Harvard University.

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