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People trying to kill crying jordan tonight.

Cholmondeley feels less like a character than a factoid someone read about and decided to incorporate into the script: He’s a scientist whose proficiency with pyrotechnics and mind-altering substances has made him a rock star on the London social circuit, complete with disproportionately attractive groupies. He’s in the middle of having sex with one of them, in fact, when James barges in to make his acquaintance. Delaney’s always doing illogical stuff like this to demonstrate how little he cares about

Life can be like a box of chocolateQuid pro quo, somethin’ for somethin’, that’s the obviousOh shit, flow’s so sick, don’t you swallow itBitin’ my style, you’re salmonella poison positiveI can just alleviate the rap industry politicsMilk the game up, never lactose intolerantThe last remainder of real shit, you know the obviousMe, scholarship? No, streets put me through collegesBe all you can be, true, but the problem isDream only a dream if work don’t follow itRemind me of the homies that us

As for the Falcons, the thing about their offense is that it led the league in scoring even though they played three of the NFL&aposs top five (Denver, Arizona, Seattle). Basically, the Falcons were able to put up points on anyone. 15-3 (includes 2-0 in the playoffs)

Aaron Rouse, chief of the FBI’s Las Vegas office, disputed an Islamic State claim that Paddock was one of the militant group&aposs soldiers. Rouse said no connection to the militant group had been found.Lombardo said authorities also searched Paddock&aposs home found even more weapons — 19 firearms, explosives, and unidentified electronic devices, as well as thousands of rounds of ammunition.

Morgan invited Payton to the sleepover a month before. When Stacie asked Payton who would be there, she said Payton told her, “just me and Morgan and Anissa.” So Stacie said OK. And their friend, a 12-year-old girl named Payton Leutner, survived being stabbed with a large kitchen knife 19 times.

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