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Still, it is important to note that Merkel’s temperament

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As highlighted in the reviews, we wish to stress that the consumer of these and other reviews carefully consider the purpose of the tool. For example, if the measure is to be used in research or clinical work, different considerations will be in order. Furthermore, the specific type of research or clinical work and the populations be studied will also result in different priorities (feasibility, cost, psychometrics, and readability) when selecting an instrument. Given the increased focus on pediatric pain b

In Bangkok, I met a teenager named Lord at a Catholic shelter. She told me that her parents in the hills of Laos had sold her at the age of 11 to a woman who promised to educate her. She was then resold to a Bangkok embroidery factory, where she was forced to sew 14 hours a day without pay.

To some extent America is facing a version of this—amid what Fareed Zakaria has dubbed “the rise of the rest”—with China’s ascendance the most significant development. But the United States has now introduced a third means by which a major power forfeits international advantage. It is abdication, the voluntary relinquishing of power and responsibility. It is brought about more by choice than by circumstances either at home or abroad.

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