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A woman once approached an ERC Trainer during

After high school, she enrolled in the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New City, but she began struggling with her weight and gained 40 pounds, much to the dismay of her dance instructors. “They were pretty cruel to me,” she says. “They were like, ‘just make weight,’ but they had no formula. I watched my roommates and other girls do unhealthy things. I wanted to have an eating disorder, but I couldn’t. I really love to eat.” Instead, she turned to exercise—a high-cardiovascular regi

One thing I have stopped doing lately, though, when I do charge by the hour I don’t include the hourly rate on my invoices. This stops the ‘I could have done that in 5 minutes’ comments. I simply quote and charge a figure that tallies up to the time I believe it will take me. After 15-years in this industry my quotes tend to be very accurate, but that comes with experience and it can be tough when just starting out.I believe it was Hiroshige who originally said, when asked how long it took

If the first three sets at 415 are feeling really fast, I’ll bump it up to 475 or so for my fourth set. This serves as a last “speed” set, also a warm-up to a heavier set.If you’re not doing rowing variations twice a week – and with plenty of intensity and volume – you need to start.

Rachel approaches dad and asks for some time to chat. When she initiates the conversation, he decides he’s uninterested and gets up to leave. Rachel returns to the “house” and tells his sister had nice things to say to him, because when you’re dating a man most of it is feeding his ego when he’s bummed out. They make out on the weird living room pillows in front of the gong, before he walks her out. Not sure where goes when she leaves, but we know he’s not staying at his dad’s house tonight

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