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As the name suggests, this is not a company. Rather

Officially known as the binturong, this scruffy resident of the Southeast Asian treetops sports almost no relation to the bear or the cat. Its closest living relatives are fellow branch-dwelling mammals like the civet and the genet. The little guy’s genus name translates to “bear weasel,” which is also rather inaccurate.

The animal kingdom is filled with a vast collection of wonderful creatures—perhaps too many for any hopeful zoologist to commit to memory. But doing so would be much easier if so many species didn&apost have such misleading names! With dolphins masquerading as whales, lizards as toads, and marsupials as bears, it can be tough to keep track of which animals are which. a rundown of some of the worst offenders in the taxonomical misnomer game.

Due dates for a company’s annual report and also vary by state. In many cases, the franchise tax is due at the same time as the annual report. Many states have due dates tied to the anniversary date, making them due in the same month in which the business was organized or foreign qualified. For example, if an LLC was formed February 15th, the due date for that LLC’s annual report and franchise tax would be February of each year.The Ongoing Corporation Requirements and Ongoing LLC Requirements p

Here’s one species that can’t catch a break. Known both as the killer whale and the blackfish, the is neither a whale nor a fish, but a dolphin (and the world’s largest dolphin at that). A paramount factor that distinguishes Shamu and company as dolphins rather than whales: teeth.

Dear, We ( Me &amp My Friend) Jointly want to start a new company for a group (Export- Import, Trading, E-commerce ), So that I want a good name. TIAAnd while I think it’s a good idea to ask somebody but yourself, this isn’t the best way to come up with a good

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