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The implication of this finding for an organization is that if its people believe in its overall purpose, they will be happy to change their individual behavior to serve that purpose—indeed, they will suffer from cognitive dissonance if they don’t. But to feel comfortable about change and to carry it out with enthusiasm, people must understand the role of their actions in the unfolding drama of the company’s fortunes and believe that it is worthwhile them to play a part. It isn’t eno

Instead, advertisers think about what consumers want and need, and how they can meet those wants and needs. At a creative level, marketers come up with branded messages to share with consumers to spark interest and create behaviour change. Next comes the medium – where to place the advertising to best communicate with consumers. From print and broadcast media to online, social media and branded content, these days there are a huge number of options.Fast forward to today and we’re a lot more accepting of

Fantastic article! I so enjoyed this.What’s also interesting for marketers is that buying things and acquiring things that signify who we are.

The large influx of non-English speaking immigrants into the US brought about a change in psychological testing that relied heavily on verbal skills for subjects that were not literate in English, or had speech/hearing difficulties. In 1913, R.H. Sylvester standardized the first non-verbal psychological test. In this particular test, participants fit different shaped blocks into their respective slots on a Seguin form board. From this test, Knox developed a series of non-verbal psychological tests that he w

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