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20 &amp 21 Victoria, c. 85. An Act to Amend the Law Relating to Divorce and Matrimonial Clauses in England (28 Aug., 1857). the references at 133n are in a quotation from Phillips.

The rejection of the physical body is present in a lot of SWERF theory as well it is the greatest denigration to use one’s body sexuality to sustain precisely the same body in a capitalist system foisted upon it. I say SWERF discourse, but whorephobia bleeds into mainstream narratives frequently. Liberal feminists would rather blame and tacitly endorse violence against sex workers for “commodifying sexuality” rather than ask why anything, including sexuality, is capable of being commodifi

As we smart skeptics understand, the mainstream media is chillingly effective at evidence and twisting reality for its own nefarious ends. So, I thought this rally might be an opportune exercise in real truth-seeking.

Austin, “Preface,” xv.

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