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This section of the numeracy skills test has 12 questions and is audio-based. will be provided with headphones to hear the questions.

When you arrive at your test centre, your documentation and identification will be checked. You will then be taken to a work station to complete the test. You will be asked to provide personal and test details, such as your name, address, date of birth and test confirmation number.

So it’s possible that a couple expecting a baby could hear something like this: Your fetus seems to have a genetic abnormality, but we’re not sure because we don’t really know how accurate this NIPT is, and in any case we can’t tell you what it means for the baby. “There’s an emotional cost to consider with that,” says Heidi Lindh, MS, CGC, executive director of the Genetic Support Foundation, an independent educational nonprofit.Given the lack of solid data, the Am

A few weeks after sending in her Sequenom’s MaterniT21 Plus test, Acosta’s results came back. She learnt that she was carrying a girl. She also discovered the fetus tested positive for Turner syndrome, which can cause mild to moderate intellectual disability and other medical problems.

, you must present a passport as primary form of identification. If the name on your passport is not in English/Latin alphabet, or lacks a photo or a signature, a secondary form of identification is required.

The most important way to prepare your baby for the test is to show up with a tired, hungry baby. Most young babies will sleep through the entire test if they are brought to the appointment ready for a feeding and a nap. Try to keep your baby awake and hold off feeding him or her until you get to the appointment. Once you are in the testing room and your child has been prepped for the test, you can nurse or feed your baby a bottle so he or she falls asleep naturally. The test will take place while your chil

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