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Your lungs are protected by your rib

The point is to avoid straining or being uncomfortable. It should be a gradual and easy process.

“Something as simple as a flu shot can prevent the flu, which can help avoid developing pneumonia”—a viral form of pneumonia, according to Dr. Niederman. And there’s a downstream benefit because that can protect you from developing very serious bacterial pneumonias, he said.Even though the heart gets a lot of attention, healthy lungs are also crucial for overall health.

The pleura is a continuous sheet of endothelial, or lining, cells supported by a thin base of loose . The membrane is well supplied with , nerves, and channels. The vessels of the visceral part of the pleura are intimately related with those of the lungs and bronchi its arteries are branches of the bronchial arteries, and its veins mingle with the pulmonary network of . Beneath its inner side is a network of tiny lymph channels, or capillaries, that penetrate the lung substance, or , and drain to the at

When a baby is born, his or her skull has spaces between its bones. This is to make it easier for baby to be born.Bones are great team players!

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