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Finally, the industrial strategy goals should have independent monitoring of the progress made, or the lack of it. The government should take its industrial targets as seriously as its fiscal targets, with an independent watchdog created along the lines of the Office for Budget Responsibility. If the industrial strategy is as important as says it is, ministers should not be allowed to mark their own homework.That Germany would have three different industrial strategies in so short a time is unimaginable.

Massaro said the limited vocabulary in ordinary, informal speech means what has dubbed – encouraging parents to talk more to their children to increase their vocabularies – has its drawbacks. Reading picture books to children would not only expose them to more words, he said, but it also would have a leveling effect for families with less education and a more limited vocabulary.

We will consider the best structures to support people, industries and places. In some places and sectors there may be missing institutions which we could create, or existing ones we could strengthen, be they local civic or educational institutions, trade associations or financial networks.The approach outlined today builds on what exists already in sectors like automotive aerospace – with individual firms taking the initiative to organise their sectors, backed by institutions or organisations which enabl

Learning should be fun and exciting. Nobody wants to spend time in a classroom where lecturing and note-taking are the norms. Students love creative, engaging lessons that grab their attention and allow them to take ownership in the learning process. Students enjoy hands-on, activities where they can learn by doing. They are enthusiastic about technology-based lessons that are both active and visual. Students love teachers who incorporate creative, fun, engaging activities into their daily classroom.Thank

Eric Hoffer was onto something when he said that, “A man by himself is in bad company.” This might be true initially, but we can grow ourselves out of this place. It takes hard work to become good company to ourselves. But if we read books, pause for reflection, and continually improve ourselves… we can develop the habit of sitting quietly in a room alone. By reading books, we build an inessential habit, which can help some of the greatest human challenges of our time:

by Margaret Talbot, The New Yorker, Jan. 12,

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