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Juliano Ferreira

Happily married &amp lucky to be a father. Slowly becoming a tech industry vet, 15+ years and on-going. Interests: my family, innovative tech, democracy &amp sports.
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One marketer did just that, testing a submit button with a

Interestingly, there’s another box-of-chocolate study where two groups were given a box of chocolates from which to choose a single chocolate. For one group, after a subject chose a chocolate, the lid of the box was closed for the other group, the lid stayed open post-choice. Guess who was happier with their choice. The group that chose a chocolate and then had the lid closed on their options was happier than the group that got to see “they’d missed out on”. So curious!

But what’s the golden rule after all? If you don’t have something nice to say, not to say it.Now imagine if you optimized your checkout button as well as the other buttons on your site, thus driving more people into your cart only to get more of them to convert.

Online marketing consultant since 2006. Co-founder LeadsBridge and many other growth hacking tools.

Button color matters. And that doesn’t mean you should just set your button color to green because green outperformed red and that red is a “stop” color. Trusted by some of your favorite companies


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