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Some of the symptoms of a manic episode

While we often want to respect our loved one&amp#39s privacy, it&amp#39s important to talk to a trusted friend if you are concerned about the possibility of bipolar disorder in another loved one. It&amp#39s also if your loved one truly has bipolar disorder—that you take care of yourself at this time.Make note of any changes in your loved one&amp#39s sleeping patterns, especially if he or she has lots of energy in just a few hours of sleep.

, or cyclothymia, is a mild form of bipolar disorder. People who have cyclothymia have episodes of hypomania that shift back and forth with mild depression for at least two years. However, the symptoms do not meet the diagnostic requirements for any other type of bipolar disorder.Both mood and behavioral changes can be signs indicating someone with bipolar disorder is experiencing a manic phase or episode:

In a severe manic episode a person can lose all touch with reality. Left untreated a manic episode can anywhere from a few days to several years. Most of the time these symptoms will last for a few weeks or a few months.Some symptoms you might experience during a manic episode include:

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