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Bristol fed off its slave port for hundreds of years; now

By the time troops suppressed the revolt, some 200 slaves and 14 whites were dead. The gallows or firing squads claimed more than 340 additional slaves. However, the rebellion helped convince Britain’s establishment that the cost of continued slavery was too high. William Taylor, a former Jamaican plantation manager and police magistrate, testified before a parliamentary committee that the revolts “will break out again, and if they do you will not be able to control them…. I cannot underst

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Discourse(s) on health, education, employment and housing inequalities are also important. Although these inequalities clearly exist, when we look at them in a comparative cultural perspective we see that major dimension is . Indeed, we see similar patterns of exclusion among Bristol’s low income families regardless of ethnicity. What then are the unique challenges facing Bristol’s Black community and how useful is an appeal to slavery’s past in meeting these challenges? What people don’t understand

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