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They each show the same thing: There’s a very weak relationship between scroll depth and sharing. Both at and across the Web, articles that get a lot of tweets don’t necessarily get read very deeply. Articles that get read deeply aren’t necessarily generating a lot of tweets.  Schwarz’s histogram for articles across lots of sites is in some ways more encouraging than the data, but in other ways even sadder:

In other words, they invested at a valuation that already took their 10x growth rate into account. Investors are not idiots. And unless you (or your recruiter) think you have privileged information or insight that the company’s investors don’t, you should probably take the investors’ word for it.Negotiating is all about and communication is the bedrock of any relationship.

It is sensible to discard mascara eyeliners that you used along the edge of your eyelid as the stye was forming. Options to speed up resolution of the stye are:

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