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It’s not just tying the knot, it’s the

Grasp the skinny end of tie with your left hand and hold in place at stomach level. (Ref 2) Your left hand should not move while you tighten the tie -- your right hand will do all the work.

The Clove Hitch allows you to secure a rope in place on a carabiner. It’s easy to untie after taking a heavy load, and quickly unravels when you unclip it from the carabiner. Many climbers use it to connect directly to an anchor. You can tie a clove hitch with two hands or with one. – a hitch connects a rope to another object like a carabiner or even another rope.

2. Bring the wide end around and behind narrow end.Check out the illustrated guide as well:

To tie the knot, the needle holder drops the needle and grasps the thread close to the suture in order to close it well. A different method of performing an intracorporeal knot consists in grasping with the needle holder the suture thread 1/2 cm distal to the needle at this moment, one has just to rotate the instrument in order to wind the thread round the needle holder . Then forceps are used to grasp the needle while the needle holder catches the distal end of the suture . The knot is accomplished by pu

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