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For the first time, a national party's nominating

In San Francisco, the Goldwater forces were well aware that party moderates were trying to stop their man, and they were determined not to let it happen. In addition to their anger at the Rockefeller wing of the party, there was also considerable dislike for the media, which was correctly seen as being strongly anti-Goldwater. Veteran newsman David Brinkley told his son Alan not to display his media credentials inside the Cow Palace for fear that journalists might be harmed by the unruly crowd.

The Framers of the new United States Constitution of 1787, however, would have preferred to have had nothing to do with this concept of faction and, as a result, the issue of political parties was not even considered in the course of the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia. In part this was certainly due to a revulsion against the growing influence of faction and party on state and local politics on the part of at least some of the Framers, but more likely it can be largely attributed to the fact that

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The ostensible purpose of the first Democratic National Convention was to nominate someone to run for vice president, as , against the backdrop of the , would not be running again with Jackson. of New York was nominated and received the sufficient number of votes on the first ballot.Andrew Jackson was a popular figure in America and always stood a very good chance of winning his bid for reelection.

Tyler Murphy occupied just one seat the convention hall, but he felt as if he had dozens of eighth-graders sitting with him. The 28-year-old social studies teacher from Flatwoods, Ky., was a Clinton delegate — a role that will make up a key part of his lesson plan when school opens Aug. 10.Here, as witnessed by journalists of the USA TODAY Network, is how it felt on a night America made herstory.

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