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Was it Tesla rolling out the first of its

If they exceed that amount, the company assesses fees per kilowatt-hour of electricity or charge time per minute, varying slightly based on local utility rates. When it announced the new approach to charging at Tesla stations, the company said that fees it collects will be reinvested in the network and won’t be a profit center.Tesla declined to say how much it’s to increase charging infrastructure.

Michael RussoYeah, several advantages associated with LRB, Johnny.... the right choice if you ca...

The whole thing was less like a product introduction than a trailer for a product introduction, which seems like a strange move for a company already facing investor skepticism. There was nothing in this announcement to reassure investors that Tesla has a solid for solar roofs. It showed that Tesla can make a pretty product, but then, everyone already knew that.All the promotional materials show well-groomed white people using the SolPad Mobile on their fancy decks, but the obvious applications for this ki

Copyright © 2018 CBS Interactive Inc.All rights reserved.Its $35,000 starting price -- half the cost of Tesla&aposs previous models -- and range of up to 310 miles (498 km) could bring hundreds of thousands of customers into the automaker&aposs fold, taking it from a niche luxury brand to the mainstream.

Johnnyboywow 60% of people want the extended battery?! i didn&amp#039t think it would be that many pe...If all looks good, HW2 Autopilot functionality will switch from shadow to active mode by of week for cars beyond initial 1000

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