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Financial managers work in many industries, including banks and insurance

: brokerage firms, investment banks, companiesA personal financial advisor typically does the following:

As previously discussed, the company may have additional items of expense which are related to contract performance, but which are not charged into job expense, or an estimate may be charged to job expense, but actual expense may differ from estimates. Beyond the examples already discussed, this may include project manager salaries, year-end bonuses, warranty expenses, and similar items which perhaps are not charged to projects as they are incurred, yet are expenses that are related to overall project opera

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After gaining maturity in operations and finance, areas such as risk, compliance, and human resources are next on the list of RPA opportunities. Our 2017 RPA survey found that 30% of respondents are at least on the way to enterprise adoption. But the path hasn’t always been smooth. Some firms uncovered risk, control, and people issues they hadn’t expected.The top issues for financial services

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