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I had drug test nov 20, got email that

The steep rise in costs comes despite an intense effort in recent years to bring efficiency to pharmaceutical R&ampD. Offsetting any such savings, according to CSDD, are higher costs due to the increased complexity of clinical trials, a greater focus on chronic and diseases, and tests for insurers seeking comparative drug effectiveness data.

John LaMattina, senior partner at the venture capital firm  and former head of R&ampD at says he saw battle lines forming within hours of the report’s publication. “People are automatically saying that pharma, and the Pharmaceutical Research &amp Manufacturers of America in particular, is really going to use this to justify the high cost of drugs.”The study concludes that another $312 million is spent on postapproval development—studies to test new indications, formulations, and

(April 09, 2012) The California State Athletic Commission voted on Monday to an amendment that allows therapeutic use exemptions (TUE) for combat sports athletes who use drugs currently banned by the state agency for medical purposes, including testosterone and marijuana. (Apr. 9, 2012)• dealing with drug testing on short notice

The Washington Supreme Court today unanimously found that Wahkiakum School District’s policy of suspicionless urine testing for students who participate in extracurricular athletic activities is unconstitutional. The American Civil Liberties Union of Washington challenged suspicionless testing program on behalf of two families in the district, including a deputy sheriff and an emergency room doctor.In a concurring opinion signed by four justices, Justice Barbara Madsen said, “ … suspicionless drug tes

By: Joshua Sabatini, SF Examiner Staff Writer (March 18, 2012) A union labor boss is asking The to change a project agreement to allow medical marijuana users, such as a plumber who was denied work after a positive drug test, to get jobs.The California Supreme Court that employers can discriminate against Californians even if their doctor has recommended medical marijuana for them.

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