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You can add location information to your Tweets, such

Twitter can be very beneficial for your business’ growth and online presence but only if you have followers, and according to Twitter, “The best way to gain followers… is to regularly and contribute in a meaningful way.” Follow on Twitter and tell us how you will be moving forward with your Twitter account. And if you have additional questions before you make the leap onto Twitter, don’t hesitate to .

points out that a thief is going to learn a lot more staring at your driveway than at your Facebook page. By using a location service you are making your schedule public, but you’re hopefully not publishing an exact record of who is at your home at any given time. The bad guys may know you’re but they don’t know who else is home.

No matter who you are, Places should you to take a good look at who is on your Facebook friends list. Facebook Places is at its safest when you share your location with the people you really trust. And if you don’t know and trust everyone you’re connected with, you need to control exactly who has access to your information every time you post.

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