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Holy Trinity Academy started National School Choice Week with a celebratory Century Club luncheon with many of its donors and guests on Saturday, January 20. The crowd was small but the fun was plenty. HTA students served the luncheon dressed in HTA polo shirts. and waited on the attend…Sorry, there are no recent results for popular videos.

While serving as editor of the alumni magazine at in the 1950s, Corbin Gwaltney developed a print supplement that discussed timely issues in American higher education. Initial interest in the publication was high, and several universities purchased the supplement for inclusion in their own alumni magazines. Gwaltney eventually left the Hopkins magazine to launch an independent publication that would provide coverage of new developments in higher education, social and political issues, and future of unive

The Bar NI Ranch Community Fund hosted its fall grant awards luncheon on Friday, December 1 at the Bar NI Ranch. of the grant recipients gathered to celebrate the occasion. Primero School District is ecstatic to announce that a long-awaited partnership with Trinidad State Junior College is set to begin this fall.

Trinidad State Junior College, in a joint venture with local business the Trinidad Tech is offering two spring continuing education classes geared towards those who would like to develop their technological skills: Getting Started with Computers and Building a Custom Computer.

We urge congressional leaders in both chambers: Come back to the table, do not allow extraneous issues to hold Dreamers hostage to a political face-off, and redouble your efforts to reach a compromise.ACE convenes higher education organizations through the Washington Higher Education Secretariat (WHES).

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos was the keynote speaker at the Washington Policy Center’s annual dinner in Bellevue. Outside, speakers railed against DeVos and her ideas. The Washington Legislature’s court-ordered fix for school funding leaves some districts in the including Pierce County’s Bethel district.

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