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"With the rovers, it's much more a dragged-out

Copyright © All Rights Reserved. Willcockson said Curiosity’s entry system will yield better insight into the heating environment experienced by the spacecraft.

There are a lot of moving parts on this system and a lot of things that have to happen at precisely the right time. It’s unlikely but still possible that a flaw in the parachute or heat shield could end the mission early with a crash landing. More problematic is the landing radar.On 26th November 2011 at , NASA launched its Mars Science Laboratory mission.

I should actually add that there is a possible third option. A 4 or 6 legged walker can probably work well on any terrain.Is there a special reason (like reliability) why wheels are chosen instead of tracks?

From ice, rocks and gravel, to wet mud, earth and grass, the Inferno Challenge had it all. A 15km steep descent down a mountainside in Switzerland posed a unique challenge for Range Rover one which it took on in style.

Qadi has been enjoying football ever since his father took him to see Chelsea in the Second Division in the 1980s. Hooked from day one, he was soon travelling the country watching David Speedie, Pat Nevin and Kerry Dixon, and tells some terrific stories about that era and beyond, including the afternoon he eluded Roman Abramovich’s bodyguards to have his photograph taken with the Russian. Ten years later he was talking to the same man outside the dressing rooms at Stamford Bridge after a match between the

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