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This proved to be the opening of a floodgate

Instead, they’ll encounter men like my grandfather, who pulled a George H.W. Bush every time we went out to dinner, pinching the waitress’s butt while playing the buffoon. As a child, I wondered why these women forced a laugh and wriggled free rather than clocking him. As a teenager, I got it — they couldn’t afford to lose a tip, let alone their job. Now, as an adult and a mother, I wonder why my father pretended not to notice rather than telling his dad to cut it the hell out.

PAUL KRUGMAN, who won last year&amp#39s Nobel prize in economics for his work on trade, wrote in 1993: “What a country really gains from trade is the ability to import things it wants. Exports are not an objective in and of themselves the need to export is a burden that a country must bear because its import suppliers are crass enough to demand payment.”Sharing information on failed animal experiments would help both scientists and rats

The changes allowed state and local law enforcement to communicate with federal immigration authorities if a person has been convicted of certain crimes. Corrections officers would be permitted to work with federal agencies.President Trump Gearing Up to Review Border Wall Options

As the Washington Redskins case illustrates, there are potentially huge stakes involved in connection with losing federal trademark protection. Registration of trademark makes it easier for a party to legally assert the mark against others who try to use it. For example, registration provides nationwide notice of ownership of the trademark as of its registration date and prevents others from registering confusingly similar trademarks.The contents of this site are ©2018 Capitol Hill Publishing Corp., a

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