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Another example of a responsive site is . If you’re on

To generate an embed code for your video, start by selecting the option under the menu from your video&aposs page in Wistia. That will open the Embed &amp Share screen, where you can choose your embed code type and fine-tune it for your page.

Sure you have two code bases you must maintain but if the mobile site is relatively small in size and you give the user the ability to go from mobile to main site, you solve a lot of issues. The most important is the ability to fine tune your mobile site for better conversion rates.The only question you might need to ask is whether, in your specific case, your site fits within the minority of sites for whom a separate mobile site would bring important benefits.

Based on the screen size, images are sent in different sizes to the browser, this is causing other sites with non-responsive themes to rank higher (keyword stuffed posts too) with some keywords that I used to rank well with. This is certainly baffling for me. anyone shed any light?

I agree and feel that responsive design is merely responsive to the device. How about responsive to content or the user? is it really responsive if you are forcing iphone users to have one column? is that not the same usability arguement about old mobile sites being forced upon iphone users??In responsive designs, some of the designs are not worth because It Defeats User Expectation, Non-Responsive Designs Usually Work, It Costs More and Takes etc….

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