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You touched on the concept of differing timelines. I firmly believe

As the debate gears up, it’s important to understand some basic facts about how inequality is measured, the trends over time and how the U.S. compares globally. Here’s a “5 Facts” primer: is a senior writer at Pew Research Center.

Below is an overview of some tips and techniques you can employ when you find yourself butting heads with a client. These approaches might work individually or in combination, but they all at least offer a launching point to help you put your best foot forward and lead the client exactly where they need to go. Rob Bowen is a staff writer for and , a longtime freelance designer, and burgeoning videographer and filmmaker whose creative …

You have a passion for and interest in technology and working with early stage businesses. You are fascinated about all things startup relatedYou have strong commercial awareness and an understanding of the global economy and current affairs

There&aposs $1.3 trillion in sort of corporate tax expenditures, which mostly go to [the] middle and upper middle class. There’re tax breaks, you know, for things like charitable deductions or your second vacation home that most working people don&apost ever get to take advantage of...And besides, we&aposre going to need very substantial tax increases in the years ahead just to shore up and prevent insolvency in Social Security and Medicare, to deal with other big problems like crumbling infrastructure, climate chang

Something else that’s changed is the touchpad. The new Force Touch trackpad is huge. Like ginormously huge. Don’t believe me? I could fit my entire hand on 15-inch trackpad!

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