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In 2015, Palestinians made up of about 850,000. Many

I don’t care about the Torah or the Quran, Moses or Mohammed. Israel was created through warcrimes and it’s an obscenity to pretend dislike for racist persecution on the one hand and then defend the Plan Dalet expulsions or try to cover them up. If something is an affront to your values, you don’t ask for raw numbers or percentage points. It’s simply not relevant if the victims are Muslim, Christian or Buddhist. The propaganda would change, not the crime.Sure they can do this But the

Palestinians in Gaza say they are trapped now more than ever in what they call an open-air prison. Israel restricts exits, allowing medical patients, business traders and some special humanitarian cases to cross.

In joining a “unity government” last year, Hamas agreed to allow President Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority, the moderate government based in the West Bank, to return to Gaza. Hamas won Palestinian elections in 2006, and Abbas’s Fatah fought a bloody and losing battle against Hamas for control of Gaza in 2007.“Ice cream will have to wait,” she said.

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