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Luis Leleux

I&aposm not going to write this bio in the third person because I&aposm writing it myself, about myself. I spent over 20 years in marketing and business communications before making the leap. First person just feels right. Less cheesy.
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Just because you've reached break-even, that doesn't mean your company

Now, even if you’re working with more than one patient a time, you still can provide—and bill for—one-on-one services. That’s because allows these one-on-one minutes to occur continuously or in intervals—as long as those intervals are “of a sufficient length of time to provide the appropriate skilled treatment in accordance with each patient&aposs plan of care.”If you’re billing Medicare, here are a few risky behaviors to steer clear of:

Think of your dissolution strategy like a prenuptial agreement for your business partnership. It creates a clear exit strategy from the beginning, while everyone is on good terms. That way if things go south with the partnership, you&aposre not stuck negotiating how to part ways in the midst of hard feelings.

Once the terms have been negotiated and all parties are on board with the new agreement, you&aposre ready to make your buyout official. Make sure you file all necessary paperwork with federal, state, and local authorities then transfer all business related accounts, making sure the former partner&aposs name is removed from all accounts. Your acquisitions attorney can make sure these pieces are handled correctly, as well as draft paperwork to release the former partner from business liability.

And lastly, how do the two of you handle stress and conflict together? You want to handle your disagreements and stress in a positive, constructive way. If all three the previous qualities are present in your relationship, then it&aposs at least worth trying to see if you can save it.What happened to the days when we couldn’t wait to rip our clothes off?

Unfortunately, that lack of attention comes back bite you. Problems start to fester and grow and you often start finding out about them when they’re at a point you have to triage.


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