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As the name implies, the histologic abnormalities

is a clinical syndrome and considered the most common and the most lethal form of corresponding to the histologic and imaging pattern of UIP. It is more common in middle age or elderly men and diagnosed by: (American Thoracic Society and European Respiratory Society) has developed major and minor criteria for the diagnosis of IPF in the absence of a surgical lung biopsy :

Bone is an important calcified connective tissue the body which plays an essential role not only in physical functions but also in various physiological and biochemical processes. Bones together form the primary structural framework that provides support to the body, helps in locomotion in conjunction with skeletal muscles, protects the internal organs and houses the haematopoitic tissue, in addition, it takes part in calcium and phosphate metabolism and serves as the major reservoir for calcium and other v

. Pearson&aposs χ test or Fisher&aposs exact tests were used to compare proportions, and Student&aposs test was to compare means between groups. The Wilcoxon rank-sum test was used for variables that were not normally distributed. The cumulative incidence of ASCUS was estimated over the course of this study using the product-limit survival estimator.

Prototypical histopathology of MMF colitis has been described as “prominent crypt cell apoptosis and reactive/reparative changes including enterocyte cytologic atypia, increased neuroendocrine cells, and glandular architectural distortion”[]. While a pathologist informed of MMF usage may identify a typical pattern of MMF related injury[,,], and specify a finding as “MMF colitis”, a broader spectrum of abnormal histology associated with MMF appears to exist[]. In addition, the endoscopic findings rel

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